Goddess Celebration Retreat


It is with great joy, and satisfaction that I present to you the Goddess Celebration - Liberaton 2017 video recap. This, like the ones that came before it, is a truly heart opening experience.

Every woman is a goddess.....

In this world we get to be of service, and if we are not being of service then I don't know what we are doing, says Nick Spano, Co-Creator of Goddess celebration, as he thanked all the women who attended the Malibu event in 2017. We are so happy to have partnered with this amazing brand to elevate the bachelorette experience. Together, we create a Goddess Celebration just for you, allowing you to experience yoga, meditation, nourishment, massages, body paint, foot baths, + more. You will be pampered by masked men who serve in silence, while honoring your divine feminine energies. 

Learn more about Goddess Celebration by checking out the link below. Connect with us when you are ready to celebrate your inner goddesss.